Tenant care/KPI's

One of the most important factors in the success of any SIJH SYSTEMS installation programme is the engagement and involvement of tenants. This may start in the planning stages, with public open meetings and forums with tenant representatives....

KPIs serve to reduce the complex nature of organizational performance to a small number of key indicators in order to make performance more understandable and digestible for us. This is the same approach we use in our daily lives. These are the following steps, how our process works for any project:   1. Generate Leads:  We are having a bunch of team members who are generating leads through different sources. 2. Taking Client Requirement: After that we take requirements of clients by Mail, Fax etc, understanding his needs what type of windows he needs keeping in mind his budget. 3. Site Survey: Any of our sales guy go for a site survey at client site understanding its requirements more deeply telling him the necessary changes required for the windows. 4. Prepared Quotation: As per the requirement given by the sales guy we prepare the quotation. Generally we follow the rule to Prepared quotation within two days after getting the requirement from the client 5. Providing Quotation: We send the quotation to the client by mail, Fax etc 6. Close the deal: After the client satisfaction with quotation we close the deal and started working on the installation of the windows. If client is not satisfied with the quotation we repeat the process again by going at the client site and suggesting the necessary changes. 7. Installation Steps: a) Windows and all material required delivered at client site. b) Arranging Labour for the installation of windows. c) Installation is done under the supervision of the supervisor. 8. Taking Customer feedback 9. After Sales service: After sales service is given if any problem came with the windows and we provide free cleaning and maintenance to the client within one year.

So, Key Performance Indicators are used in four main areas: • Revenue improvement • Cost reduction • Process Cycle: time improvement • Increased Customer Saisfaction: Getting Satisfied feedback from our Clients as we provide them Good Quality, Quick Service, Right Price etc

This is all part of the “We deliver our promises” approach that underpins SIJH Systems operations. Remember, other window companies may make promises – we deliver.