Noise resistant windows






Noise is all around us; it simply cannot be limited to its source. As a result, we have to protect ourselves as best we can. To this end, We offers a range of acoustic insulation Door/Window to keep noise out without affecting the amount of natural light entering a room.

Do you live on a noisy street? Well, Our Noise resistant Door/Window offers the perfect solution - this type of Solution is very effective and offers long-lasting protection. Noise resistant window double glazing combines several fundamental elements of acoustic insulation - thicker glass, asymmetric assembly (using glasses of different thickness), a wider air space,laminated glass (see the Safety Glass leaflet) or acoustic laminated glass. This final option includes a PVB film with higher acoustic insulation properties than ordinary PVB films. This means that truly offers protection against noise.

What do you hear?

Scale of Intensity Type of noise Hearing
0 total silence treshold of hearing
20 whisper  
50 quiet apartment  
70 noisy road fatigue
90 large orquestra  
100 underground train arrival  
130 aeroplane engine treshold pain

Noise is the result of a combination of sounds of different frequencies. Slow urban traffic typically produces low and medium frequency sounds whilst an aeroplane taking off produces medium to high frequency sounds.




"Listen to yourself not the noise of the world, only you know what is right for you."