Secured by design

'Secured By Design'Certified

 Our enhanced windows and doors have been tested and marked according to several national and European standards, including 'Secured By Design' initiative to encourage the adoption of crime prevention measures in the design of new developments and renovations. 

To be certified under the initiative, a particular window frame or door frame and corresponding lock and hardware set has to withstand a series of physical tests based on common burglary methods..

Security Package

Intruders usually gain access through the windows and doors. To secure Rationel windows and doors even further than our standard units a security package has been developed.

In entrance and terrace doors this means enhanced hook bolts, hinges and receiver. For windows this means enhancements such as hookbolts with angled screws, coverplates and solid bolts.

Laminated glass internally in windows and toughened and laminated glass in doors is included as standard with the security package. The glass is security sealed to the sash or frame.

Enhanced ironmongery:


- Three point espangolette locking mechanism and solid hookbolts
- Security receiver for the bolts
- Enhanced hinges and angled screws
- Security sealant is applied to the glass
- Toughened or laminated glass


- Solid bolts
- Security receiver with angled screws
- Hinges fixed with a security angle
- Security sealant is applied to the glass
- toughened or laminated glass