Window & door maintenance

Maintenance of uPVC Doors and Windows

uPVC windows required low maintenance but it should be done on regular basis to get the best for your doors and windows, Here are some tips how to take care of doors and windows:

1.      All parts exposed when the window or door is closed, should be washed down with warm soapy water using a soft cloth, and dried thoroughly.

2.      Avoid ammonia and abrasive cleaning agents, particularly on handles and other metal filaments. Do not paint PVC-U window frames

3.      Parts exposed when the window or door is open should be simply wiped clean, removing grime from old lubricant, airborne debris and remains of insect life etc.

4.      Check that all fixings are secure and properly adjusted.

5.      Special attention should be paid to keep the drainage channels free and clear of blockages.

6.      Regularly clean the window pane and PVC-U surrounds with a clear liquid spray proprietary glass cleaner.

7.      All moving parts such as Hinges, Lock assemblies, Handles, Patio Doors, Letter Plate springs and striking plates require periodic lubrication.

8.      Where humidity levels are high condensation may occur on cold surfaces.  This can easily be solved with correct ventilation.  Windows should be opened on a daily basis sufficiently frequently to allow the moist air out and fresh air in.

9.      Glass should be cleaned regularly with a clear liquid spray glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

10.  Gaskets and seals should be cleaned regularly with a mild non-abrasive detergent solution to remove any dirt and grime.


Good Care prolongs the windows' lifetime