Good advice

Good Advice


Things to keep in Mind while buying uPVC Doors and Windows:

  1. Consider the tolerances before you calculate the measurements of the window frame. We recommend that you leave 10-12 mm for tolerances around the window and they should be taken from the structural measurements.
  2. Choose a window style which will enhance both the look and value of your property. Think carefully about window proportions, the colour you select, the configuration of any opening lights and even the addition of coloured or leaded glass. Be careful that your view is not obstructed when looking out Try to avoid placing bars and posts at eye level. 
  3. Check the type of glass you need? It is well known that double glazing can significantly reduce heat loss from your home, but triple glazing and ‘low emissivity’ glass can reduce it even further. In areas where safety is paramount toughened or laminate glass should be chosen, whilst asking for a wider gap between the panes of glass can help improve sound insulation. You should refer to the glass section on this website and decide your own requirements for specialist glass.
  4. Ask your installer about the accreditations for the uPVC Windows and Doors system they are using.  SIJH Systems committed to strictest of International Standards such as EN (European Norms), DIN (German Norms).
  5. When selecting the company to manufacturer and/or install your new windows and doors make sure you ask for recommendations and always ask to see examples of work already carried out by the company.
  6. Know the quality of the window you are buying. For example, check to see if the window is BFRC Energy rated. This is an easily understandable rating system where A, is the most energy savings, B is the next most efficient and so on. This rating applies to the whole window ( the "w" value, not just the glass, which is "u" value). As an absolute minimum, your glass units should contain Planitherm Total + or equivalent coating. Bear in mind though, that a badly fitted A-rated window will do you no good at all.
  7. Check that your windows and doors will have sufficient re-enforcement. Some modern uPVC profiles do not always need it on small windows, but larger ones and doors definitely do. Similarly your door panels should also be reinforced every time.


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